More Birds In The Trees

In my professional opinion (hey, I’ve earned a Doctorate of Sophistry from Eton), Christine O’Donnell is a proto-typical example of media farce.  She’s gotten a lot of run, and its really the most base reason: she’s an attractive women.  Her backstory has all the subliminal cues one could ask, making her the perfect ploy to once again keep people generally uninformed.  Let me take you back to my college days.

One of my buddies was a literal fountain of insight and knowledge concerning the fairer sex.  Poor boy could never really follow his own advice tho.  Here are a couple of pearls of knowledge he imparted on me:

  • Don’t date a girl you screw the first night.  So true fellas, this is potentially a recipe for disaster.
  • Tomboys are usually sluts.  Harsh language.  But there’s a kernel of truth to it….think of it as a numbers game.  More time with guys leads to more time with guys.
  • And, the tidbit applicable to this topic…..teenage girls into wicca and witchcraft tend to be freaky.  Touche.

As you can see, all of the above statements come with major qualifiers (potentially, usually and tend) because I’m not posturing like this is the truth.  This is cryptojournalism.  Speculation based on farce.  But run with it.

Here, use your imagination.

2nd from the left is running for mayor of Delaware

Give anyone the endpoint, they can reverse engineer a way to reach it.  The idea of sexy witches has been around since Salem, so unless you want this to be an anthropology blog, I’m confident you can find corroborating evidence.  Please do.  Comment on it.  Hey, if you’re of the viewpoint this is chauvinistic, feel free to bring up why.  Discord is good, nurturing fresh viewpoints.

None of this has anything to do with the race for mayor of Delaware the Delaware Senate seat.  That’s exactly my point.  Can anyone reading this tell me specific platforms of either nominee from the First State?  Of course not.  Why would being informed on candidates be of any value?  We’ve got a sexy witch!

Don't ask what she did to enter the coven

Alright, that was unnecessary.  So is this whole vein of political discourse.  Are we really taking our cues from Bill Maher?  Hey, that works for me, cause it means I might actually have half a shot of making it!  He’s a comedian by trade.  I love comedy.  Even today, you can still find some real high order sarcasm and satire if you’re looking for it.  A comic setting the tone for dialogue on a senate race is not illuminating (in the Luciferian worship sense of the word).  That does not jive with me!

Here’s the video, in case you’re too lazy to find it yourself.  I am.

It’s light, slightly provocative, and really obscures the fact there could be major turnover in DC this fall.  Instead of even attempting to foster an informed discussion on how to fix the plethora of problems we’re facing politically and socially, we’re rehashing sorority tales of witches in thigh highs.

Regrettably, this story actually dovetails with the ‘psy-op’ that Ines Sainz took part in at Jets camp.  Cute use of a fake word, no?  Filler with pretty women as some sort of martyr/instigator (depending on the tint of your shades) leading to a great bluster of words that brings us nowhere.  Ms. O’Donnell might actually be working the grime angle, if the report of her using campaign funds for rent are legitimate.  This will inevitably come to light.  Not until America’s semi over the Delaware Doll goes soft.

Don’t expect a vigilant discourse.  We’re talking the media.  Even the sophisticated foreign press is running with this farce.  OK, just kidding.  It’s from the Daily Mail.  The bug-eye screen shot is vaguely amusing.  But don’t buy it.  Sure, I’ve spent a few minutes pondering the merit and validity of this caliber of news.  Don’t waste yours.

See it for what it is and respond in an appropriate manner.  Disregard it.  Take the high road.  Or my favorite, like Moral Orel, turn the other cheek.

Is there anything cartoons can’t explain?  Only why a smokescreen passes as news.  Remember, cui bono?  To whose benefit?  A story swirling around dozen year old allusions to some vague practice of witchcraft?  Methinks the Halloween marketers will have Sexy Wiccan Christine costumes ready in about a week.  Cui bono?  Nobody relevant.


Something which I did not realize upon first publish has just come to my attention.  Perusing CQ Politics, my curiosity brought me to the Delaware 2010 Election Guide.  Maybe this is common knowledge in the town of Delaware, but to me (and I’d assume a large swath of Americans) this is new……Ms. O’Donnell got smoked in 2008 running against the Silver Falcon, Joe Biden.

Where was all this outlandish footage in ’08?  The fall season holiday economy wasn’t as bad, and the costume lobby didn’t feel the need to exert its ample sway on Capitol Hill.  Know a ploy when you see a ploy.  Always watch out for the costume lobby.  They play dirty.


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