Return of the Stay-Puft Curry Man

So Yahoo! is reporting that Eddy Curry showed up to Knicks camp over 300 pounds.  How is this guy still on the Knicks?  I’m not surprised he’s arrived in such a portly state.  I’m surprised the Knickerbockers haven’t figured out a way to deal him for anything.  No I’m not, that was rhetorical trick.  Who else would want him?

Well, there’s always the good people at Stay-Puft Marshmallows.  They’re working with DDB Worldwide to make Mr. Curry the Face of Stay-Puft.  Actually, it just gives me one more chance to use this pic.

So big, so full of marshmallow

In reality, I should be thanking James Dolan and the comic geniuses at MSG.  At least this photo is still current.  Well, ‘cept Stay-Puft Curry is even bigger today.


One Response to “Return of the Stay-Puft Curry Man”

  1. Since the Knicks are in playoff cneonotitn? The Knicks were in playoff cneonotitn at the start of the season and when they made the trades you call salary dumping, too. The Knicks better simply stay in playoff cneonotitn and make the playoffs in regards to the knuckle heads that rather be in the lotto.Crawford for Harrington isn’t a bad trade because Harrington has much value too. The Knicks made the trade knowing that the team was staying competitive with Harrington in return. A player well suited for D’s system.Zack for Mobley and Thomas was giving us double digit scoring off the bench and 14 points at the starting 2 position.Both Mobley and Thomas made up for the points lost in Zack.It was more than salary dumping, it was also staying competitive right now.The Mobley retirement made the trade no good because lost were the 14 points at the starting 2 position and competitiveness suffered into a seven man rotation.Walsh should had called it off and reworked the trade to get proper value as originally planned. He would had been able to accomplish it because of a 20&10.You never give any one away and shortly after LeBron sent a message, if you like, you can go sleep till 2010. A short time after LeBron even mentioned signing an extension. You never give anyone away and with Mobley’s retirement, Zack’s trade was soiled because it hurt how good we could be right now.The team suffered some tight defeats down the stretch while playing in a seven man rotation that would had been prevented if the trade wouldn’t had been soiled with Mobley’s accepted retirement.What you call salary dump gave us playoff value in return till Walsh accepted the retirement, but LeBron sent a message.You’re right, Nate nor Lee must be allowed to walk or LeBron might send his final message.If Lee or Nate is traded, it better be good.

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