Coming to Lifetime Movie Network This Spring….

I’ve got word from one of my moles in the Lifetime Network of a big deal going down in the near future.  Ok, my mole is Don, the homeless guy who panhandles in front of their building, but he’s right 3 out of 10 times.  That makes him an all-star baseball player.

Turns out, Christine O’Donnell is something of an intraweb phenom.  Take a look for yourself.

Some network sharks are ready to pounce on this, and I’m happy to announce the March 2011 premiere of the Lifetime Movie Network exclusive, “I’m You: The Delaware Witch Hunt of Christine O’Donnell” starring Jorja Fox as Ms. O’Donnell, with a cameo from Helen Mirren as the coven leader.  Production is slated to begin November 3, 2010.


She can cast a spell on me anytime

She can smell that cable network money

The similarities are striking, no?


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