Ciao, Progetto Segreto MUOS

This is not some fake Lifetime movie.  In fact, this will most likely be news to whoever stumbles upon this page.  Information from a cryptojournalist, what is the world coming to?

Let me take you back to January of this year.  Haiti.  Tragedy strikes Port Au Prince, with seismic activity devastating the region.  Tens of thousands suffered, but my cynical mind wandered.  Although the Isle of Hispaniola sits on a precarious spot surrounded by tectonic plates, it seemed odd the Dominican Republic experienced no havoc.  Of course I begin joking about the Rockefeller’s earthquake machine malfunctioning, that sort of conspiratorial tone.

Well.  An acquaintance on his now defunct Facebook page, when I ask him his take, informs me of the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project.  H.A.A.R.P. for short.  Christ, what a mouthful.  Now I understand why all this zany shit is encoded as anagrams.  Cause high frequency auroral research project is too damn long.  Check it out for yourself, because this has nothing to do with H.A.A.R.P.  Although……some nutsacks have taken to creating websites concerning the program and its possible use during the Haiti quake.

Based on my faint interest regarding this spooky government installation, I stumbled onto something.  Something Italian.


Sorry folks, he's not really Italian

To be fair, the Mobile User Objective System is not Italian.  It’s an American military program, truly global in scope, that you’ve never heard of.  Four satellites scattered around the globe, from Australia to Italy, Hawaii to Virginia, built for the Navy by Lockheed Martin, it is quite an impressive example of a superseding communication system.  Which, you know, the military having a communication system above and beyond the norm?  That can’t turn out well.

So what in the hell is MUOS?  The mobile user objective system is a narrowband satellite system, an upgrade of current UHF communication systems with next generation commercial 3G networking, used for team and peer to peer modes of communication.  Buh?  Global Security has a fairly clear explanation of the program, as does Wikipedia (obviously).  Anyway, trying to explain MUOS may be better done within pop culture.  Have you seen G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra?  In case you haven’t, or if you’re a visual person, take a look at this.


The future....brought to you by Cisco

See that bright thingy in the bottom right corner?  No, not the awesomely subtle branding by Cisco.  Behind it.  That’s what I’d imagine MUOS aspires to be.  A mobile pack, satellite linked to enable face to face communication in any far off landscape.  Boeing and good ‘ole Uncle Ray, Raytheon, both have the same boilerplate material concerning MUOS, stated during the pre-production phase.  They boast, as Gene Blackwell, Raytheon vice president of Transformational Communication Systems, said, “MUOS gives our troops ‘comms on the move.’ This is especially important to warfighters in urban areas, dense jungle or other environments where communicating is very difficult, today.” Or to hammer home my point, like Boeing put it, “The Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) will provide global communications to all U.S. forces in such hard-to-reach places as thick jungle, urban canyons, mountainous terrain or at sea.” Ok, we get the gist of it.  Communicate anytime, anywhere.  Great.  Personally, I expect it to be something more akin to the Pip Boy, from the Fallout series of video games.  On the wrist is the way to go.

The Lone Wanderer is ready for the future

So the military is building a next generation communication system, integrated globally with staunch allies, Australia and Italy.  Ahhh, Italy, what brought me to this fascinating topic.  Why am I learning about an American military project through the Italian press?  Ahhhh haaaaaaa!  There’s a complete media blackout in the U.S. on this globally impacting program.  What a fucking joke.  I need to learn through Agora Vox, an Italian website, about what the DoD is doing abroad.  Apparently, pissing off the residents of Sicily.  Sophia Petrillo would be up in arms.  If she were alive.  And not a fictional character.

Wait, they’re doing what back in Sicily?

If you would like to read the Agora Vox article, here is an English translation.  Basically, the Italian government is bending over backwards to accommodate the MUOS project.  Of note, the residents of the area are pissed about the project trouncing a previously designated nature preserve.  As the article explains,

“Specifically, 24 particles, previously falling under the “Zone A”, now find themselves completely outside the perimeter of the reserve, while eight other particles, with a total area of 28 hectares, have been downgraded from “Area A” to “Area B” Pre-reserve.”

What do they mean by Zone A?  Well, I’m glad you asked.

A great help to the implementation of the military program could come from the Reserve Decree riperimetrazione “cork”, approved December 30, 2009 by the Regional Land and Environment, which has reduced both the size of the reserve, that the extent of classified areas “Zone A”, ie those where it is forbidden to build new buildings and carry out any activities involving urban renewal and construction of land and construction of power lines, water pipes, telephone lines and technological systems in the network, etc. .. With the new classification of the protected area has been closely and dangerously fragmented.”

Flip the script.  A Belgian company is building a defense project in Hilton Head, South Carolina.  They need to build on environmentally sensitive terrain.  Our government bends over backwards to please the Belgians.  How does that sound?  Not as bad as this whole episode taking place in a void.  Sometimes Google News can be fun and helpful.  Try and think about it as an importance barometer.  The more hits you find on a topic, the more important it can be perceived.  Because in a postmodern digitally inundated world, perception is at least as important as truth, facts, reality, the real and tangible.

Dina Lohan vs.  MUOS.  Not even a good rhetorical question.  Just a reason to shout out Mama Lohan.  Dina baby, if you’re ever partying on the South Shore of Long Island and see a ginger with a mean handlebar mustache, come by and say hi.

Coast to Coast Cougar….and more newsworth than MUOS

So you don’t have to check for yourself (I would encourage you to try your own keyword search.  You could search ravioli on Google News and it would come up more than MUOS), I’ve got two screen shots that are illuminating.

First, Ms. Lohan:

2,350 reports in 299 days is a shade under 8 per day

As for MUOS

73 results in 299 days is a friggin' joke

A shallow example, while deep at the same time.  That’s right, if you want to read about the next generation communication system the Navy is constructing worldwide through Lockheed Martin, with your money of course, brush up on your Italian.  It is a passion language, so it can’t hurt your game.  All joking aside, this is a real, severe indictment of the news gathering capability of American journalism.  Those news hits on Google, they’re almost entirely comprised of press releases and reports on Sicilian uproar over a foreign installation.  People are not talking about this.  And if you think communication systems are not important, need I remind you about the Rothschild game?

A superior communication system, one which can exercise dominion over others, proves to be a game changer.  Even if the Rothschild gaming of the London Stock Exchange is mere legend, the lesson holds true: superseding communication systems allow for great control over economies, nations and people.  When major projects, with global implications, happen without a murmur from anyone, everyone is to blame.

Let me indulge my imagination for a moment.  The year is 2015.  The Department of Defense, through the Navy, has its own communication system, MUOS, dependent on nobody except the technicians pointing satellites toward the sky.  A ‘cyberterror’ attack takes out mobile phone communications across the West.  Fill in your own contrived plot devices.  And cast this guy as the world devouring madman.

Perhaps Jason Patric can play Howard Oswald, an IMF analyst intent on bringing down the capitalist engine, with the assistance of NATO forces equipped with……I could go on, but this is not screen writing 102.  All I ask is there is at least a vague awareness these sort of power relationships exist.  The United States military holding dominion over foreign allies, in the midst of constructing a communication installation which is raising some suspicious questions.  If you’re well versed in Italian (don’t worry, the link is the English translated page).

The GAO released a report in March, titled Defense Acquisitions: Assessments of Selected Weapons Programs, which details many projects, including MUOS.  On page 115, they show a timetable.  This began in 2002!  And you’ve never heard of it!  While it operates globally and domestically, already costing over $1,000,000,000.  One Billion.  Yes I capitalized improperly.  For effect.  And at the very end of the write-up by the GAO, they mention, “the Defense Acquisition Executive reviewed the program in late 2009…and established new cost and schedule baselines for the program.”  No shit, a secretive military project with a flexible budget.  Maybe you don’t want to know about this very intriguing system.  I do, and think it’s a disservice we know so little.



4 Responses to “Ciao, Progetto Segreto MUOS”

  1. jose r guzman Says:

    well done brother, handlebar mustaches rule!

  2. […] MUOS, as it’s known in the biz.  If this is your first time stumbling on the topic, I highly suggest you read this first.  You wouldn’t read the second Twilight book first, right?  That’s a hip, […]

  3. pietropatT Says:

    I’m from Niscemi, i just went casually on this blog and look what i found!
    A posto about Niscemi, my city, that speaks about masonic control over the nations and Rothshilds Family?

    I will share this post on every person i know.
    I personally thank you about your research.

  4. Asking questions are in fact good thing if you are not understanding
    something fully, however this paragraph gives pleasant understanding even.

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