Free Humnaity, you are Compartmentalized Legos

Sorry to break it to you.  But in fact, you’re just a compartmentalized lego.  I am too.  We all are.  Some evil captain lords over us through a technological dictatorship of the mind.  True story.  Just last month, the City of Albany shut down traffic on Lark Street for Larkfest, an outdoor musical event and general reason to drink Genesee tall boys in public.


Tradition carries on

Much to my delight as a cryptojournalist and an undiagnosed mentally ill person, there were compartmentalized legos at Larkfest.  On a side street, a stage was set up.  Strangest thing tho….I didn’t hear any music.  As I walked closer, an amazing scene opened in front of me.  Armed with my trusty 1.3 megapixel cell phone camera, I was delighted to actually catch the mating ritual of compartmentalized legos.


"I love this song!" "What?"

Look closely.  Everyone on the dance floor is wearing headphones.  Very strange, indeed.  And making me believe we all ARE compartmentalized legos.


One day, we'll all be wearing headphones

Is that right now?  The music is so good, it’s preferable to shut out everything but?  Now I know that’s not what’s really going on.  It’s, at best, a latent subtext to the good time.  It just so happens that I stumbled onto this scene after watching perhaps the greatest piece of unintentional comedy this side of Lee.  Of course I can only be talking about Alex Jones’ two-part video titled, Alex Jones On What We Are.  Part one and two can be viewed by following the links.  The videos are also below, but I don’t want you to get lost before we get through this amazing work.

You see, it’s a tall task to actually sit through 28 minutes of just Alex Jones talking.  It takes the attention span of a pious Amish person, or copious amounts of marijuana.  So unless you’ve got copious amounts, or are Amish, brace yourself before taking the plunge and watching these videos.  And if you are Amish, why in the world are you online?

If you have not yet heard of the man, Alex Jones considers himself the leader of the alternative media.  Too bad Bill Cooper is dead (check out the June 28, 2001 edition of Hour of the Time.  Odd).  Jones has a radio show he streams online.  He makes films, posts his shows on YouTube, and on rare occasion, makes videos just for the internet.  If I had to describe Jones, it would be as “Master of the broad, vague statement,” which leads to some of the hysterics of these videos.


As a free human, you have no RESPONSIBILITY to take their vaccines!

It is exactly what makes this video set awesomely insane, and the reason many people will naturally tune out to this vein of conspiracy theory.  Although if you can endure through the whole lecture, kudos.  I’m going to be all over the place with some of his more random comments.  Please, I encourage all of you to try and watch it yourself.  Based on the fact the first video has 115k views, while the second only has 17k, it’s a tall task.  Shame, too, cause AJ goes OFF on the second video.  Cryptojournalistically speaking, it’s quite telling.

Alex Jones viewers on YouTube, unless they’re rubbernecking like myself, are partisan fans.  If there’s an 85% drop-off in views from video one to video two, clearly people are tuning out.  Grand bluster about the globalists and the scientific dictatorship will often do that to web viewers.

Without further ado, let’s pick this carcass clean.  I’ll start off with one of Alex’s most easily manipulated statements:

We have a society that is collapsing, that is crumbling.  Because we build up drug addict sports icons, and, uh, Hollywood people, and all of these, uh, rock stars, who are the worst expression of humanity.

Really, Alex?  Hollywood people are the worst expression of humanity?  Then the recent woes of Charlie Sheen will make this photo that much more, hmmmmmm, ironic?  No.  Hysterical.


Two peas in a pod

Tough to craft a moral argument when undermining photos are online.  And videos.  Charlie and Alex seem to really be chummy.  Check it out.  It’s called having your cake and eating it, too.  But the obvious contradiction presented is only one gripe.  “Drug addict sports icons”?  Really?  Are Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens still talking points?  To be fair, when I think of athletes who are also inclined to drug use, it’s never really the icons.  More like Corey Blount.  Whose last name is pronounced blunt.  Is it any wonder this is the guy they catch with 29 pounds of pot?  Maybe he means the classic collection of miscreants, the Portland Jail Blazers.  I bet he meant Zach Randolph, a pillar of the community.

To his credit, but to the detraction of any sort of legitimate alternative media, Jones is great at these sort of rhetorical tricks.  For one thing, the Marion Jones, Bonds, McGwire, Clemens type of drug abuse was just that, drug abuse.  Addicted to steroids?  Sounds more like an ABC Family movie of the week.  With Dolph Lundgren as the wise high school football coach.


Don't do drugs, kiddies

The real sports icons are not drug addicts.  They’re sex addicts.  A small distinction, yes.  But one which created a cottage industry for the porn biz.


Cumming to a theater near you

Enough nit picking.  We must continue on.  To see what else a man who pals around with Charlie Sheen, yet derides Hollywood types, has to say.  Folks, this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Prepare to veer straight into crazytown.

We are an incredible species, with a destiny to populate the stars, to go beyond the stars!  We can’t even imagine our full potential.  Just like somebody 6,000 years ago, in Mesopotamia or Egypt, couldn’t imagine a cell phone, or a 737.  Couldn’t imagine an MRI, or a firearm.  We take it for granted, like it’s nothing!  We don’t appreciate the good things in life, the simple things in life.

Populate the stars?  Alex, if other stars are like our sun, they’re hot balls of gas.  You know a lot about that, right?  I also love how one of the good, simple things in life are firearms.  Cell phones, jumbo jets, medical technology and firearms.  What a list.  I could make fun of it further, but it belies a point.  These are the things which define us, our greatest achievements in 6,000 years?  Cell phones and guns?  I thought we have a destiny to go beyond the stars.


To infinity.....and beyond!

Take note of the picture above.  That’s the general layout (another reason this weird Orwellian mind fuck is so tough to watch).  Note the microphone strategically placed over his heart.  Personally, I love his attempted recreation of a time past, using the old style microphone to accentuate his aura.  And over his heart?  Really, guys?  The good fight against the globalists just runs through the veins?  If not, why fight it?

Fifties-era iconography seems to be something for which the Jones crew has an affinity.  Earlier in the month, Jones had a 24-hour broadcast, dubbed The Infowars Moneybomb.  Hoping to secure $5ook, he created a snazzy website and did his thing.  Check out the website, with the retro radio antenna.  How…..fifties.

So what’s the deal there?  Is that Golden Era of America the idyllic world?  Or is it a subtle trick, to entice the older audience for his broadcasts to reminisce about their youth?  Or am I being a cryptjournalist, making something out of nothing?  Only God knows.

On What We Really Are has already given us a couple of nuggets of nuttiness.  Time to accelerate to bat shit crazy.

Become conscious of the fact that you individually are only alive one time in this earth suit that our intellect inhabits.

OK.  Earth suit.  That’s what we’re calling bodies these days?  And our bodies are merely domiciles for our intellect?  Is there even a wing nut belief that falls under?  Earth suit.  Yeah that’s right.  You thought you were a person.  Sorry, fringe, you’re just an intellect-inhabited earth suit.  Unless you’ve got no intellect.  Then you’re no more than an earth suit.

Wow.  Moving right along.

You have to make that decision.  You have to access those racial memories that all humans have, your instincts.  You have to understand that the scientific controllers that manipulate this technological dictatorship of the mind are afraid of the human species.

And I think this goes towards proving my point.  This sort of crazy, rambling rhetoric will magnetize some individuals.  But most people, well, they see it as it is: gibberish that almost reaches the point of intentional confusion.  “The scientific controllers that manipulate this technological dictatorship of the mind.”  Try that one out at your next cocktail party.  These broad, vague phrases are probably Jones’ worst trait.  Take the plight of someone who really wants to confront global problems of the world.  God bless ya, son.  Tough task there.

Any impressionable person who buys into this rhetoric will ultimately wind up confused.  Who exactly comprises the scientific controllers?  Do they meet annually, maybe at a resort like Sands?  Don’t even get me started on racial memories.  I’ve got no fucking clue what the man means by that.

One of my favorite quotes personally is:

They have misdirected our prime directive.

I actually painted that on my bedroom ceiling in glow-in-the-dark paint.  When I’m laying in bed, wandering off to sleep, it helps me ponder the real meaty questions in life.  Who are ‘they’?  Where has our prime directive been misdirected?  In the butt?  Cause in our earth suits, we’re biological androids.

Whoops, let me get the quote box back in action.  Jones tells his audience they’re considered:

“a dumbed down sheep, a biological android, to be used.”

Man, the hits keep coming.  Am I a biological android or is my intellect wearing an earth suit?  I’m so confused!  Ok, ha ha.  I’ve got to admit, the guy has a silver tongue when it comes to disparaging ways to describe people.  Earth suits, biological androids, dumbed down sheep.  Sheep is disparaging enough, but a dumbed down sheep?  That cuts deep.

But then there are the outright false claims.  Or soothsaying.  Depends how you read it:

Conservatively, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis died during the War of 2003-2011.

Let that sink in.  Or, check out this interactive timeline from Al-Jazeera, which documents every roadside bomb, checkpoint attack and assassination from the beginning of the war until December 31, 2009.  A news organization, which places the total number of deaths (from January 1, 2004 through December 31, 2009) at 23,946.  That means 2003, 2010 and 2011 must be some bloody years.  This number is greatly disputed.  CTV Ottawa has reported just over 112,000 civilian deaths. places the number between 98,585 and 107,594.  Just Foreign Policy makes a claim that Iraqi casualties are 10x the figures reported by the press, giving a number over 1.4 million.  Please note all these figures are current for today, October 28th.  If you’re reading this in the future, these numbers are outdated.  Sorry.

Conservatively, at least based on the four examples given, is under 25,000.  I’m hesitant to even guess.  Alex Jones is not, but he makes a stupid proclamation.  Especially since the U.S. administration has ‘ended’ the war in Iraq, Jones has set himself up as a fool.  In attempting to look like a prophet, when American troops are still engaged in Iraq in 2012 Jones will sound like another quack.  2011, really?  AJ, while you’re in the future, tell me who wins the Super Bowl in February.  Good looks, primo.

My point is, when something is inconclusive or unknown, such as the Iraqi death toll, don’t play a confidence game with your audience.  Pretending to know something is not the same as knowing something.  Someone with dyed red hair is not a ginger.


I envision a world in which there is no hate. A world where everyone is ginger!

Note the similarity?

I’ve saved my favorite savory tidbit of crazy for the end.  Like The Sixth Sense, sans Bruce Willis.

You have become compartmentalized.  We all have.  Of course you know about the pyramidal power structure, where only the very tip-top understands all the secrets, knows how it all fits together.  It’s similar to Legos.  Individually it doesn’t make anything, but together it makes a greater whole.

There it is.  A bit of creative editing on my part, but I’ve got to admit that I love the phrase ‘compartmentalized lego’.  He really analogizes the people in a society to Legos.  This is followed up by a rambling analogy of ships and nations, the new world order and international banking cartels.  Globalist performing parlor tricks.  All quite nutty.  Regrettably, there is a legitimate problem with the structure of banking.  A valid point is obscured by the crap surrounding it, as if a baby swallowed momma’s engagement ring.  It’s a byproduct of Jonesie’s insistence on speaking in the most general vagaries.  He never really gets to explaining who the globalists are, but that’s why I’m here.  Below, for the first time ever, is video footage of the leader of the globalist syndicate, head of the New World Order, grand puba of the Illuminati.

Compartmentalized.  That’s a five syllable word.  Better be really damn important to waste five syllables on a word.  This is not. This is conspiracy porn, a lot of sizzle and no bacon.  It also seems a little too good to be true.  A global corporation, crushing and suppressing mankind.  Like Cadre Cola, from The Running Man.

When we crumble towards apocalypse, I expect a Running Man style collapse, not the highly anticipated Road Warrior collapse.


Always been about the ratings. If it bleeds, it leads

Alex Jones is entertainment.  For the twisted mind.  Too bad he markets himself as something resembling a news outfit.  Be wary of people who claim to know all, yet say very little.  News, this is not.  Entertainment, for sure.  For the extremely stoned and the Amish.  Watch the videos.  Trust me, there’s a whole heap of unintended giggles there for you.  Laugh.  Enjoy yourself.  But don’t forget, you’re a compartmentalized lego.


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