The Campaign for Costume Fridays

Happy Halloween.  Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, walk with me for a moment.  The great American clusterfuck, Halloween, has the good fortune of falling on a Sunday this year.  Which means we’ve gotten 2.5-3 times the normal costume output for the year (depending how hard people go out in your locale).

Something dawned on me last night, and I think it could be the tonic for our contemporary malaise.  Forget about Casual Fridays.  I’m talking about Costume Fridays.  We’re talking about the difference between a cheese sandwich and grilled cheese.  It would be a tectonic shift in the American workplace, nay, American life.

We’re currently faced with a deepening recession, coupled with a falling birth rate for the second consecutive year.  Now I’m not trying to sound any alarms, but Costume Fridays could help nip this in the bud.  There are a couple of voices on the web questioning the contradictory nature of how women are treated for wearing sexy costumes, as well as addressing sex equality issues.  Women are embracing the notion of being sexy for themselves, to hell with what anyone else thinks.  So what I’m really asking is, who would have a problem with replacing Casual Fridays with Costumes?

Might almost be going overboard. Almost

MAYBE the picture above wouldn’t be suitable for Costume Fridays.  Can’t have employees getting drunk, right?

Wholesome as a Saturday Morning Cartoon

But I think we agree Strawberry Shortcake is OK.  Y’see, sexy costumes in a cloistered environment might *gasp* cause an uptick in office romances.  Remember the bit about falling birth rates?  Boom.  Problem solved.  You’re welcome.

There are also more subtle advantages to Costume Fridays.

Smart, inventive workers would shine through.  Think about it, that first person who recycles a costume would be eating a lot of shit that day.  A need to be resourceful and creative would develop, because who wants to buy a new costume every week.  Although, the costume lobby would not mind that one bit.

Costume Fridays would also foster team work.  Know what’s better than a good costume?  A good duo costume.  Or even better, if you can actually get enough people to be a team or a band, whatever works.

Now that's what I'm talking about

See that?  Awesome costume.  Why relegate such freshness to one day a year?  So stand up and shout, “We want Costume Fridays!”




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