Subtle Slurpee Shenanigans

Well, the midterm elections have come and gone.  Yawn.  Until ballots offer a ‘vote of no confidence’ I’ll stay away from the voting booth, thanks.  But I saw this tidbit in CNN’s coverage of the elections.  Pimping out their own blog (a fine practice by anyone who’s got the leverage to pimp anything out), apparently John Boehner and Barack Obama both like Slurpees! There’s even a call for a ‘Slurpee Summit’.  Oh, how magical a moment.

Of course this is where I interject with some malarkey about the real charade.  Did you know that 7-Eleven is  merely a subsidiary of Seven & i Holdings Co., Ltd., a Japanese mega-retailer.  210th on Forbes Global 2000, a list of the largest companies in the world, is nothing to sneeze at.  Enough whimsical cliches.  THIS is globalism.  When people bemoan the loss of our sovereignty to foreign companies, THIS is what they’re talking about.  A Slurpee Summit.  You know why the new Speaker of the House and the President would sit and chew the fat over some cool, delicious Slurpees?  It’s not because of Obama’s campaign trail metaphor, “dig the car out of the ditch” while Republicans sit back “sipping on a Slurpee.”  It’s because Icee’s suck.

Give me a Slurpee any day

In a nutshell, that’s globalism.  Big wig politicians hawking goods.

My personal favorite flavor is Coca Cola.  I wonder what John Boehner’s is?  Cherry?  Piña Colada?  What about Obama?  Ooh, I’ll be on the edge of my seat until I find out!  When political dialogue devolves into a joke, it should be treated as such.


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