Naming Rights for the New Meadowlands

Three quarters of the way through the National Football League regular season, and the paragon of all that is perfection and majesty in architecture, New Meadowlands, home of the New York Football Giants and the New York Jets remains a stadium without a name.

Naming rights are essential to operating a lucrative stadium.  Well, next to fielding a quality team.  And personal seat licenses.  But I digress.  I come with a solution, not ramblings on the economics of professional sports.  First, we need a quote, from Lou in South Orange.

“Dat place is grey.  I dunno if the Jets, Big Blue or the Ice Capades is playing.  Place feels dead, like a funeral parlor.”

Thank you for the insight, Lou.  To be fair, it appears the grey tones were part of the plan.  Blech.

But for some perspective from someone accustomed to loud crowds, consider Aaron Rodgers’ thoughts after the Packers faced the Jets in East Rutherford.  From the mouth of babes.

“…it wasn’t as loud as I expected.  All of us were very surprised, a 5-1 team, as well as they were playing, it wasn’t a louder stadium.”

Plenty of callers to WFAN have groused about the dull, sanitary, neutral vibe to the whole complex.  On the heels of the G-Men’s 31-7 destruction of the Washington Deadskins Redskins, some fans on Extreme Skins were reviewing the new stadium.  dockeryfan sums up his opinion on the New Meadowlands with *gasp* comments which, surprisingly, fall in line with this rhetorical argument.  Shocking!

“Character. There is none. It feels completely non-descript. No colors of any kind, no feeling that you were at the Giants game at all. It could easily have been Jets, but I guess that’s the point. No character to the stadium at all. (I have a cousin who says firsthand that the “luxury boxes” are equally no frills). Just a concrete box designed for maximum seating and concessions.”

Kudos, dockeryfan.  I don’t even need to drone on, it so succinctly states what I’m trying to say.  The solution?

Ditch the New Meadowlands name.

Neutral Field

That’s not just a dis-ambiguous phrase, floating in cyberspace.  It’s what the concrete box where the Jets and Giants perform should be called.  Besides, The Staten Island Dump is already taken.

Putting the assy in classy since 2009


The Bank for International Settlements would probably pay millions of Swiss Francs for the right to call the New Meadowlands Neutral Field.  Best to jump on that neutral money now, before football fans in the Tri-State area are subjected to some abortive fetus of a name like KPMG Field or Quiznos Stadium.


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