Morsels Of News

I’ve become a fan of the Associated Press’ Raw Feed.  Closest thing to a running ticker you’ll find.  A couple of stories floated through the feed, and I’m fairly surprised there’s been less coverage on them.  Or am I?

Remember the Czech Missile Shield?  Of course you don’t, that was sooooo 2008.  Well, the dream is dead.  You can also read about it here, via the Navy Times.  The crux of the matter is the Czech’s were miffed by their diminished role.  But this is a moot point.  This story, believe it or not, should be reported by both sides as a victory.


Let me pull a little cryptojournalism out of my hat.  Forget the facts surrounding the story; we’re priming this for a front page Fox News story.  For the Right, they can pound their fists and declare Barack Obama weak on defense.  For the Left, they can conjure up some blather about winding down foreign military intervention (because intervention is a strong term, stronger than bitchslapped out of town), or even, *gasp* try and frame it as a bloated military clusterfuck nipped in the bud.  EITHER SIDE can pitch this to their base as a win.  Know why?  Because they’d be clueless otherwise.

Larry's the Czechs, Moe's the Russians, and Curly is hilarious

The only reason I’m vaguely surprised this has gotten almost no attention is, well, it’s a pretty slow news day.  Obama’s giving his best Dick Cheney “Go Fuck Yourself” to Capital Hill over Libya.  That won’t change anytime soon.  Greece is still a proverbial grease fire, about to spread throughout the kitchen Europe.  Uh, Anthony Weiner’s former porn actress (see, they’re not all stars) has gotten Gloria Allred as her lawyer.

Does Gloria Allred smell blood or money? I do not know

Honestly, how does Gloria Allred always end up next to whichever scandalous female’s in the news at the podium?

Porn Milfs need legal help too!

Yup, that’s Tiger Woods’ 19th Hole, Joslyn James.  And Gloria Allred.  She’s the “Where’s Waldo” of Court TV truTV.

Facebook’s slipping First World numbers are a story on websites as broad as Slate and Al-Jazeera.  Ok, that’s not too broad a swatch of the intrawebs.  But you see the point.  There are actually repercussions to our failed missile shield.  Only time will pan this out.  And while it’s out there, you’ve got to look to find it.  Or accidentally stumble on this shit show.

So, what else has glided under the radar today.  Oh yeah, remember the terror plot to bomb synagogues and the Empire State building that was thwarted in May?  It’s baaaack.  So quickly falling apart, the grand jury for Ahmed Ferhani and Mohamed Mamdouh’s case has thrown out the top charge, second-degree conspiracy as a terror crime.  Whatever that is.  Whenever a defense attorney throws the word entrapment around in a major federal case such as this, it never ends pretty.

Of course this story is obscured.  It’s bad news!  And not like, “7 dead, film at 11” bad news.  Not ‘if it bleeds, it leads’ bad news.  Just plain old bad news.  There is one interesting nugget, though.  Apparently, Cyrus R. Vance Jr. is posturing that “the men’s intentions amounted to an act of terrorism.”  Which, to say the least, is insane.  Cue up that Compton ish.

THAT Dr. Dre song, according to Manhattan’s D.A., amounts to an act of terrorism.  BAD INTENTIONS are an act of terrorism.

One last nugget, then you can get back to dinner.  Protesters took to the street in Barcelona.  Over education and health budget cuts.  This is the second report of protests to come out of Spain in the last week.  Valencia was struck last week.  So, who’s daring enough to short some Spanish treasury bonds?  They’re not being reported as being in such dire straits as Ireland, Portugal or Greece, but frequent protests are a fair sign, to use a phrase from the medical journals, shit’s gone awry.

Spain is gearing towards full blown riots, America’s most recent high profile terror case is beginning to fall apart in slow motion and the Czechs have given us a stiff forehand to the fanny.  All in a day’s news.  Just not the news you’re supposed to be reading. I’m just happy to find a couple of morsels a day.


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