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When All The World Is A Stage

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It’s been a while, so let’s jump right into something that’s been stuck in my craw.  2012 appears to have been the year of orchestrated news.  No, I’m not talking about Manti Te’o.

Not what I mean

Not what I mean

Consider many of the so-called ‘breaking’ news stories of 2012.  This discounts anything related to the 2012 Presidential election, which is purely manufactured news.  I’m referring to five stories in particular: The Dark Knight Aurora Massacre, Terrorcane Sandy, the death of Whitney Houston, the Sandy Hook tragedy and the September 11 attack in Benghazi.  What do all these breaking news stories have in common?

People have questions regarding the official story of each of these events.  Which is problematic, but not for the reason you’re probably thinking.

Take Superstorm Sandy.  A hurricane struck the Eastern Seaboard.  Seems cut and dry, right?  Well, not for the folks that believe it was a HAARP influenced frankenstorm.  The video below gives a taste of what I mean.

I’m not endorsing this viewpoint, nor do I believe the storm was manufactured.  Just stick with me here for a minute.

Let’s jump to Whitney Houston’s untimely demise.  A drug addict overdosed, no big deal, right?  Hmmmm, that is, unless you’re of the mindset that it was a giant occult ritual sacrifice.  You know, because some people believe that to be the case.  Vigilant Citizen has a unique perspective on matters of popular culture, and a lot of people buy into this belief.

As for the attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, another matter of fact news story, right?  Depends.  If you reckon the Central Intelligence Agency is running al Qaeda (Webster Tarpley has passionately and aggressively made this point since the attack), the comments from ex-CIA chief David Petraeus after this fiasco don’t jive.

If al Qaeda was responsible for the attack, but the CIA runs the terror network, who’s actually culpable?

SIDE BAR – This is PURE SPECULATION, but isn’t banging a MILF more palatable to the American public than possibly overseeing the murder of an American ambassador?

So is the title 'All In' irony or foreshadowing?

So is the title ‘All In’ irony or foreshadowing?

Let’s be honest here.  People are much more likely to forgive a man for adultery than perhaps overseeing an attack on American personnel.  Especially when the woman is pretty (we do live in a country with a major ‘looks’ bias).

The face of 10,00 Conservative wet dreams

The face of 10,000 Conservative wet dreams

Whether Petraeus fell on his own sword to get out of a sticky situation (HA!) or not only adds to the specter of orchestrated news.  Back to the topic of discussion, and onto the next example.  Brace yourself.

Aurora, Colorado.  James Holmes.  The Dark Knight Massacre.  MKULTRA patsy?  Multiple shooters?  Crisis actors for an event that never took place?  You can find just about any conspiracy theory to explain what may have taken place in that movie theater.  Take a minute and check it out for yourself, but be prepared with a life rope…you’re apt to fall so far down the rabbit hole, you’ll never return to reality.

Finally we come to the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting, dubbed the Sandy Hook Massacre.  Considering this video has over 11,000,000 views at the time of this writing, it’s clear many people question the veracity of the narrative given by the news media.

Now I’m not here to speculate on the validity (or lack of) to any of these theories.  What I would like you to consider is this: IF these stories are all orchestrated by external, shadowy forces, what in the sam hell is really going on in the world?

Say these stories are all concocted for ulterior motives (a major stretch).  Wouldn’t there still be newsworthy events taking place that just aren’t being reported?  I can’t make heads or tails of it, but what if all the world’s a stage, with crisis actors streaming across your television screen?

That’s the most unsettling aspect of the lingering questions behind all the conspiratorial angles.  If everything is staged, what’s really happening on Planet Earth?  Food for thought.